Why EveryPOV?

I have always been a huge supporter of freedom of speech. Freedom of speech protects us from tyranny. It allows all views to be expressed, and "bad speech" countered by reasoned argument.

Today we have a lot of people who want to shout us down, who want us to think that the only side is their side. I think that's nuts. All ideas have adherents, and we should be able to understand and consider all of them. We have a perfect right in a free society to ignore them if we want, but we can only be productive students of the world if we at least occasionally explore other ideas.

There are two major events that made me want to explore a way to help people check out views different from their own.

The main inspiration for this site was the Kavanaugh confirmation battle. What I that the people who support it read totally different news sources from those opposing it. For both of them, it is a black and white issue. Kavanaugh's opponents say that the sexual assault charge is unforgiveable; his supporters say the charges are unconfirmed and impossible to prove or disprove. I think people on both sides would benefit from understanding both sides, so they can reach conclusions based on all evidence.

Another inspiration was the attempt to ban Infowars.com from all polite society. Infowars is a somewhat scammy site, and they spread some really strange conspiracy theories, but I don't think it's right to delete their DNS or remove them fromn the App Store simply because their opinions seem a little crazy. The best way to deal with opinions you disagree with is to prove them wrong, not try to knock them off the Internet.

What we need is to open communication with all sides. By understanding EveryPointOfView, we can understand ourselves, politics and the world much better. I invite you to check out the site and let me know whhat you think. You can reach me at davidhdennis@yahoo.com.

Thanks for listening!

David H Dennis, creator of EveryPOV News

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